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Play Free Online Games 24/7 - Arcade Games - Gas Attack

Free Online Games, Arcade Games - Gas AttackGame Title: Gas Attack
Category: Flash Arcade Games
Game Rating: 0.00
Evil robots from a distant planet are launching a massive assault on the Earth from their orbiting mothership. Spying this from your backyard one evening, you realize that you and your talent for incendiary flatulence are all thet stand between your homeworld and certain doom. But the alien cyborgs know you're coming, so they've prepared a special defense: their mothership is emitting clouds of super-flammable methane gas. Run into these clouds, and you will get burned. Hit enough of them, and you won't get your shot at being a hero.

You must use your mouse to avoid the clouds of gas. Every time you ignite one, your damage meter will increase. When it's all red, you are done. Keep an eye on the closeup of your face: the worse you look, the more trouble you are in. Target and click on the invading robots - if you target well, you will spin around and give them a facefull of your cheeky exhaust. The game timer keeps track of how long you've been in the game. Stay in long enough, and you'll get a time bonus at the end of the game. Defeat all the robots and you'll receive 50000 Bonus Points. Have fun!
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Gas Attack
Evil robots from a distant planet are launching a massive assault on the Earth from their orbiting m ...
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